October 23, 2019

Heavenly Gelato Cookies – Gelativo

Gelativo are a Melbourne based manufacturer of quality Gelato and Sorbet products, with a focus on all natural, no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and their products are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Gelativo was looking to launch a new range of premium Gelato Cookies and Relax was given an opportunity to create new packaging for this exciting new range.

The flavours are delicious, from the classic flavours of vanilla, which includes Madagascan vanilla bean with a salted caramel ripple, and chocolate, which has Belgian chocolate and fudge ripple to an Espresso version as well as a Hazelnut version, and a biscuit to die for, our team had more than enough to work with.

Relax’s approach was about creating a style that reflected a premium approach, reinforcing those visual cues from the flavours and ingredients, overall giving a rich and indulgent feel across all of these new packs.