First impressions count

When budgets are limited and any form of advertising or promotion is just way out of reach, a brand and it’s food packaging design needs to work extra hard to get noticed. It’s not just about a nice logo and packaging graphics, it’s about telling your story, both visually and verbally, through impactful design, a strong personality and language that communicates what you stand for and why people should care.

Our food experience makes a difference

We take food seriously, it’s why you can trust us to help you get the right result. Our global approach gives us enormous insights into food trends and our specialist photographers and stylists know how to bring food products to life, we all work together with you to make sure your brand gets what it needs to succeed.

Helping bring your vision to life

As brand and packaging design specialists, we know what it takes to make food and drink brands stand out. In everything, we do it always starts with taking an objective view from the outside in. But we also understand it’s your business so we need to get under its skin to fully understand what drives you, what you’re offering, how it stands up against the competition, and why your target audience should sit up and take notice. We’ll be open and honest, working with you and giving you guidance on how we think you can make the most of what you’ve got to offer.

Brand Creation - The start of your journey

Branding is at the core of what we do so when working together we’ll help to bring your idea to life. If you already have a name great, if not we’ll develop some name options, create a meaningful brand identity, define a clear tone of voice and establish a personality that reflects what you’ve got to offer.

Brand Refresh – Always learning and staying ahead

You got off to a great start but things may have started to slow, their maybe new competition on the block or food trends have moved on. Whatever the reason, we’ll work with you to identify how we can drive your brand forward again. Together we’ll establish a clear direction of travel, looking at what’s changed and how we can help you address those challenges through insightful design.

If you’re a small business, a food start up perhaps, we understand funds are tight but you still need that top shelf solution – then please get in touch. We love what we do and genuinely love helping brands on their journey, so that is why we have developed Relax Seeds. Get in touch if you would like to know more.