We Pack to Impress.

Relax Design is a creative food packaging design agency in Sydney, Australia. We have been helping clients with full service branding and packaging since 2005. 

We believe that packaging carries the essence of your brand and should be handled with utmost creativity and authenticity. It should communicate concise messaging and give off the right impressions in order to quickly gain the attention and desire of the audience. It is always necessary to send out the right messages to your customers, just like a book is judged by its cover, your product will be judged by what is on the outside. This is because how a product is perceived at point of sale is highly influential in any shopping decision.

Our role here as the packaging branding agency and design consultant is to shape perceptions in a customers’ mind, attracting them to purchase from your brand over another. As one of the leading food packaging design companies, Relax partners with companies to develop professional design solutions that aim to increase their product sales. 

Relax Design is a customer-centric design and branding agency where we focus on the clients needs and visions more than anything. We are also passionate about custom packaging design, so as not to set a particular style or trend for all our clients. We thrive on improvisation. Each outcome is a strategic response to a creative brief. We address the specific criteria for that unique situation so the best connection with the target audience is achieved and your brand attracts more sales. The team of designers in Relax works closely with our clients in order to understand their brand and positioning. We strive to develop strategies which are effective and improve their performance at the point of purchase. We have worked with over hundreds of clients, seeing through their requirements and fulfilling all the touchpoints and more since 2005. In this changing world scenario, where digital is the trend, we believe we can help you with your branding and packaging. Because after all, anything that appears and looks good, does not need much advertising, they sell themselves. 

Relax Design is also a branding agency which means we can provide a holistic branding, packaging and communication design service of the highest quality. 

The purpose of any product and its subsequent packaging is to stand out from its competitors and attract more sales. Relax Design, as a brand design consultant, achieves product differentiation by researching the category and leveraging our clients’ positive attributes with effective branding and communication design techniques. We roll-out the artwork for all products across your range, ensuring the integrity of the design output remains consistent. We set up and supply high quality finished artwork so it is entirely print ready. 

If you are looking for a packaging and branding agency, you can connect with us and give us a call on 02 8068 1599

About - Relax Design
About - Relax Design
About - Relax Design